Ovulation Symptoms : Early Signs of Pregnancy , During pregnancy , ovulating calendar , ovulation calendar , ovulation cycle

Early Signs of Pregnancy , During pregnancy , ovulating calendar ,  ovulation calendar , ovulation cycle

There are couples who have troubles making a baby. Most are afraid they aren’t capable of bearing one. But the question is, are you really incapable or you just don’t know when to do it to have a better result? Knowing when is the women’s ovulation time is a best way to make a baby. The woman’s ovaries produces egg cells regularly, this process is called the Ovulation.  As we know there are two ovaries but that doesn’t mean they take turns in releasing an egg, they happens randomly. Every month, there are at least 15 eggs that mature inside the ovary and the ripest of them is released in the fallopian tube. Now, doing the sex during this time, there is a very high possibility of getting pregnant. The life span of the egg cell is only 24 hours while the sperm cell is 7 days. This means you don’t need to time your sex the exact moment of a woman’s ovulation. You have at least 7 days gap.

There are various ways of knowing when this time is, the ovulation symptoms as they say.

One of the ovulation symptoms is when there is a consistent change of amount of the cervical mucus. The main function of the cervical mucus is either prevent anything from entering the uterus or it helps transport sperm. The amount of cervical mucus increases as the time of ovulation approaches.

Other ovulation symptom is whew increase of the sexual desire. Studies have proven that most of the women are more sexually active when their ovulation time approaches, which is the right time to have sex when the couple wants a baby.

Third ovulation symptom is when the Body Basal temperature changes. It is said to be the most popular ovulation symptom. A few tenths of a degree will increase in the woman’s body basal temperature.

There are also basic methods in checking ovulation symptoms. One is by checking the calendar. Halfway through the woman’s cycle is when the ovulation most often occurs. This cycle would last 28 days in average count from the first day of the period. Other is when there is an unnatural ache in the woman’s belly. Women can actually fell something happening in their insides during the period of ovulation. The pain may last from a few minutes to a few days.

Others might not believe it but studies shows that a woman ovulating fells sexier. They likely to feel more physically attractive and may be attractive to others too and without even realizing it, they become much more picky of the clothes they wear. During ovulation period, a woman’s odor changes around men. They smells much sexier around the time of woman’s ovulation.

There is also another reason of knowing the ovulation symptoms of the woman . Most couple nowadays, frequently have sex but not all of them wanted to have a child. Knowing also helps when to have sex in order for the woman not to get pregnant.